The Lowe Family Tree

Philip Sterneveld

Philip Sterneveld was born on 04 July 1812 in Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands to parents Samuel David Sterneveld, 64, and Rebecca Politz, 21.

Philip was the oldest of 7 children between Samuel and Rebecca. Philip had 2 younger brothers (Jacob and Samuel), and 4 younger sisters (Judith, Bettjen, Saartje & Rachel). Of his siblings, we know Judith and Jacob did not survive.

Father Samuel was a hostel owner, providing reasonable accommodations to others either passers by or members of the community without a home of their own.

Samuel David Sterneveld

Based on discovered records, Samuel David Sterneveld (as he would later be known) was born in Buttenheim, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany in the year 1748 (1751 per marriage).1 His father was David Heijman,2 yet his mother was not documented in record. Samuel and his family were Jewish and based on tradition Samuel's actual birth name was Samuel David, or Samuel, son of David.

Samuel Sterneveld

Born in Zutphen, Netherlands, the son of a Jewish baker, Samuel relocated to Germany at 13 years old where he learned his father's trade. After marriage he would immigrate to New York City in hopes of a better life in Manhattan, where Sam would take up work as a news dealer and raise five children before his untimely death at the age of 48.