The Lowe Family Tree

Ole Olsen Kopervik

Born on Kjelsvik farm to the captain of a small sailing ship, Ole grew up in Jelsa, Rogaland, Norway. Much of his childhood was spent on the open seas with his father and brother. At 33, he married Andrine in Drammen, Buskerud on the opposite side of Norway. Together they lived in Kopervik and had 3 children before Ole's untimely death at 39.

Anne Olsdatter Lindboe

Born to a farmer at Loftstua Farm under Landsverk in Sandsvær, Norway. She married Hans Jorgen Pettersen at 20 and they raised 12 children together on Haugen farm in Sandsvær before relocating to Visnes, Rogaland by the age of 53. She lived at Visnes until her husband died in 1902 and soon after we lose track of Anne as she enters her 80s.

Hans Jorgen Pettersen Laugerud

Born to a farmer at Øvre Laugerud Farm in Sandsvær, Norway, Hans was raised on Laugerud until he purchased Haugen farm under Landsverk in Sandsvær at 20. He married Anne Lindboe and they raised 12 children together before relocating to Visnes, Rogaland by the age of 52. There Hans worked in the copper mines, helping to mine the copper that was used to make the Statue of Liberty. He passed away in Visnes at 79.

Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter

Thora Haugen

Born to a ship's engineer in Haugesund, Norway, Thora was the youngest of seven children. She was raised by her mother while her father was regularly away at sea. At the age of 9 her mother died, prompting her father to remarry and provide another caretaker for her and her siblings. 4 step-siblings would follow in the coming years. At 16, Thora boarded the S.S. Kristianiafjord and joined her sister Anna in Cleveland, Ohio. When she turned 20 she married a Norwegian sailor and they raised 2 children together before his untimely passing 11 years later. Thora would eventually marry again, but lose her 2nd husband as well. She lived to be 94 and passed away in Cleveland.