The Lowe Family Tree

Sarah Short

Sarah was born in 1818 in Ivinghoe, England. It's in Ivinghoe where she grew up. Sarah lost her mother at the age of 2 following the birth of her younger sister and her father at 17. She met her husband George Simons within the next 2 years and the couple was married at St. Mary's Church in 1837. Five years later they immigrated to America and settled in North Royalton, Ohio where they raised their 6 children. In 1860 the family picked up again and headed west into the wild frontiers of Iowa. They settled down in Dehli, Delaware County, Iowa where Sarah died of heart failure in 1881 at the age of 63.

Maria Simons

Maria was born in 1841 in the area of Great Gap in Ivinghoe, England. At 10 months old, her family immigrated to North Royalton, Ohio aboard the ship Philadelphia. Here she was raised with her five siblings. At 16, Maria met a local tailor named Ed Christian from the village of Berea who was also an immigrant from the British Isles. The couple married in 1857 and Ed became a prominent figure in the community (and thus Maria did as well). The couple had 9 children together during their 53 years of marriage. Maria died in Berea in 1911 at the age of 70.