The Lowe Family Tree

Caroline Marie Mortensen

Marie was born in 1864 in Aarestrup, Denmark to a single mother and seemingly uninterested father. Her father's sister took a far more active role in Marie's early life (as her godmother) and raised Marie until her mother married and was able to care for Marie herself; which happened at age 7. This tug-of-war lifestyle seemed to play heavy on Marie, who never officially married herself, yet gave birth to nine children. She posed as a married woman with her live-in boyfriend to immigrate to America at age 35, started American life Racine, Wisconsin, but eventually settled in Euclid, Ohio where her boyfriend ran off with her daughter (unrelated) after a string of family tragedies and left Marie to raise the family herself. Marie died in Euclid in 1925.

Elna Wilhelmina Mortensen

Edna, as she was known, was born in the city of Aalborg, Denmark to a single mother who worked as a maid/cook and her carpenter boyfriend. She was raised south of the city in the rural village of Aarestrup by her grandparents along with her brothers and sisters. Edna immigrated to America with her mother at 5 years old and eventually settled in Nottingham, Ohio on the east side of Cleveland. Here Edna worked as a maid until she met and married a butcher named George Rogers in 1913. The couple would have 2 children, a boy and a girl and build a happy life and successful family business around the butcher shop. Edna and George almost completely fell apart after the loss of their son to WWII, but family helped them find their footing and recover. The couple celebrated 59 years of marriage together before George's passing. Edna lived to be 99 years old and welcomed 4 generations into the world.