The Lowe Family Tree

Gullik Petersen Loe

Gullik was born 26 Jan 1794 on Hære Farm in Øvre Eiker, Norway to a crofter father who rented farmland to get by. The family moved to the mining town of Konnerud where Gullik spent his teen years. Here his father gave him ownership of a small parcel of land named Loe [pronounced loo] near his father's properties of Veierud and Knatholt. Gullik married his wife Maren Christensdatter Wear and lived here for at least 7 years. Family stories say his inability to manage money and a pension for drinking and card playing bankrupted the family, forcing them off the Loe property and out of town. It was the shame of his mother-in-law that bailed him out and saved the family. Gullik's own shame of the situation seemed to straighten him out and the carpenter bought Sondre Myhre farm in Svelvik where they spent the next 20 years before Gullik died in 1856.

Dorthe Olsdatter Orhus