Kunigunda Fleischmann

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Unknown Fleischmann


Margaret Rush, ? - ?


Heinrich "Henry" Steinheimer, 14 Nov 1859 - 27 Jun 1919


  1. Margaret G. Steinheimer, 12 Aug 1889 – ?
  2. John Henry Steinheimer, 04 Oct 1891 – ?
  3. Gertrude Mary Steinheimer, 05 Jul 1894 – Feb 1973
  4. Barbara E "Bertha" Steinheimer, 03 Feb 1897 - 11 Jan 1986
  5. Rose Steinheimer, 13 Apr 1903 – ?
  6. George C Steinheimer, 30 Mar 1906 – 08 Jan 1981
  7. Anna M Steinheimer, 28 Nov 1910 – ?


A Kuni and Heinrich were both from Gunzendorf. They sailed to America on the same ship, the SS Waesland, in steerage, aft, U. They had met previously because their first daughter Margaret was already 9 months old by the time they arrived in America. It appears they ran away together to marry in America, because they arrive separately, Heinrich as Steinheimer and Kuni as Fleischmann and would marry on 24 September 1890 in New York (per naturalization). The most interesting factor is their first child Margaret is said to have been born in Ireland (per Kuni's naturalization). However, I believe this to be in error as neither Margaret nor Kuni ever mention this on any of their census records. Margaret is always listed as born in Germany.

B I should also note that even though Kuni and Heinrich did not appear together on the immigration manifest, they must have traveled together. Around the turn of the century, single, unwed immigrant mothers were not allowed into the United States as the country was not keen on admitting individuals with a high likelihood to be dependent on charity and government aid. Kuni would have needed Heinrich there to vouch for her and say they were engaged and intended to marry.

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